Water is the muse of well being, magnificence, vitality, and youth. Not solely does water assist to construct your blood and transport vitamins, however additionally it is liable for sustaining your DNA. And what does your DNA do? Properly, it principally helps to print out copies of you. And being dehydrated is like operating out of ink. So any further consider DNA as Dehydration Not Acceptable.

Water is so vital, but, so neglected, and I’ve bought a reasonably good motive why. We’re jaded by water. We see it on a regular basis. We see it gushing out of fountains, fueling sprinkler methods for our garden, it’s on faucet at any time when we wish to drink or bathe… we even have porcelain thrones of water that we get to make use of the toilet in.

Our ancestors would have by no means taken water without any consideration the best way that now we have. In centuries previous, the choice to construct any city or civilization was strictly decided by whether or not there was entry to water or not. At this time, we pee within the water with out considering twice about it.

Now, what if I instructed you that the water you (and hundreds of thousands of different folks) use the toilet in every day is making its manner again via your faucet? Consuming and bathing in recycled bathroom water?! Hopefully this will get your consideration.

In terms of water, you might want to be aware of the perfect sources AND being proactive at ensuring you have got the appropriate hydration ranges (so that you just’re not printing out crappy copies of your self). On this model new episode of Well being Unprocessed you’re going to study what the perfect ingesting water is, how water impacts your well being, and a few hidden message of water that you just’ve most likely by no means heard earlier than.

On this episode you’ll uncover:

  • How a lot of your physique is product of water.
  • What water does in your physique.
  • How dehydration can result in illnesses.
  • What’s water REALLY (and it’s undoubtedly not simply H2O!)
  • How water impacts your DNA.
  • What the “rungs” of ingesting water are.
  • The scary fact about what’s in municipal water methods (trace: it’s gross!)
  • Why chlorine is added to water and what influence it has on you.
  • Why fluoride is added to water and what the unintended effects of fluoride are.
  • What reverse osmosis does to water.
  • How you can increase the standard of your RO water.
  • Why effectively water is okay to drink (so long as it’s deep sufficient).
  • What the perfect ingesting water supply is.
  • Why fancy bottled water could be damaging your well being.

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